Dilworth Park

The city's lively centerpiece, with dining options, tree groves, and a fountain, which converts into an ice skating rink in winter.

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Dilworth Park

1 S 15th St (West Side of City Hall)
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Open 6 a.m. - 1 a.m., 7 days a week

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Dilworth Park

Rothman Orthopaedics Roller Rink

The Rothman Orthopaedics Roller Rink will offer outdoor roller skating seven days a week at Dilworth Park from April 19 to June 30. Reserve your hour-long session in advance today!

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About the Park 

Dilworth Park, on the west side of Philadelphia's City Hall, is a beautifully appointed park with an interactive fountain, lush lawn and tree grove seating areas, which features a café. The fountain, open in the warmer months, transforms into an ice skating rink each winter. Both are favorite activities for kids and adults alike. Spring through fall the park is bustling with people enjoying the many activities happening all week long. Festivals, live musical and arts and culture performances, and happy hour specials bring an audience to the park all hours of the day and night. Plus, you can stay connected with free WiFi at Dilworth Park. And all of this activity is taking place above a major transit hub. For information about all events taking place at Dilworth Park, you can stop by the information kiosk at the park or visit our CCD Parks Event Calendar page.

Dilworth Park was completely renovated and is now managed by the Center City District through a long-term lease with the City of Philadelphia. The park was transformed from an inaccessible, multi-level, hard-surface plaza into a sustainable, well-maintained, green public space without stairs or barriers from the street. For an overview of the goals and mission of the park, click here.

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As Philadelphia’s Center Square, it was designed as a high-quality gateway to public transit and as a civic place with on-going programming, amenities, and activities that benefit the public and support the mission of the park. The renovated Dilworth Park now has over 20,000 square feet of useable area resulting in an expanded over 120,000-square-foot public space. The underground was dramatically improved as a new transit gateway, providing entrances to Broad Street and Market Street subways and the trolley lines. New elevators made the transit levels accessible. 

Dilworth Park Events

Arts on Center Stage

Philadelphia’s arts and culture organizations are celebrated every Thursday with performances ranging from orchestral serenades and ballet ensembles to jazz instrumentals and more, now through August 29 (except July 4).

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CCD Park Programs & Events

CCD Parks have activities that are fun for the entire family year-round. Check out our full schedule today.

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Transformative projects like Dilworth Park cannot happen without public and private partners who recognize the importance of accessible transit and high quality public spaces to the success of Philadelphia. We thank them for their support!

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