Center City Recovery Update, November 2023

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The total number of workers, residents and visitors in Center City from Vine to South Street, river to river, continued to rise in October 2023 to 82% of October 2019 levels, with the largest increases among workers and residents. Based on anonymized mobile phone data, the daily average of residents was 7% higher than October 2022; non-resident workers increased by 12%; and the largest category, visitors, increased by 2% over last year.

Overall, the return of residents, workers and visitors has been steadily trending upward for the last three and a half years, showing no signs of having reached any plateau. Pedestrian volumes have also increased in every geographic section of the downtown and while perceptions of public safety remain very important, the data strongly suggests that the return of workers is impacted far more by the industry they work in and by the length of their daily commute.

For more detail, download the 6-page report at -Center City Recovery Update, November 2023