Public Safety

The Center City District supports efforts to make downtown safe for workers, residents and visitors.

public safety

Safety Patrol

In 2020, CCD has expanded its public safety programs by deploying uniformed, unarmed bicycle patrol officers daily within the District.

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Public Safety

Community Service Representatives (CSRs)

The Center City District's community service representatives (CSRs) are an effective deterrent to crime and a welcoming presence in downtown Philadelphia.

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Public Safety

Homeless Action Team

Homeless Action Team Specially trained CSRs provide daytime outreach services to help get the homeless off downtown streets and into appropriate facilities with needed services.

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Public Safety

Rethinking Public Safety

A 2021 article by Paul R. Levy about reorienting public safety strategies in cities around new partnerships, published in American Downtown Revitalization Review, outlines approaches where Philadelphia has led and where it needs to catch up.

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