Crime Prevention

A wide range of services to reduce and prevent crime and to enhance the perception of safety in Center City Philadelphia.

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Alert Philadelphia

Alert Philadelphia provides immediate notification of emergencies to Center City businesses, employers, property owners, hospitals, residential groups, community leaders, law enforcers, first responders and private security representatives, among others.

Critical information is relayed on a timely basis via email and text message to cell phones, PDA devices, etc.

Alert Philadelphia is a partnership of the Center City District and the Philadelphia Police Department. Please visit

Crime Mapping and Analysis

Working with the Philadelphia Police Department, the CCD uses state-of-the art, computer-generated mapping techniques to identify crime trends or patterns and make strategic deployment decisions.

Public Spaces Collaborative

CCD staff use computer tablets to record, map, and relay troublesome conditions in the public environment to over 20 responsible public and private agencies in Philadelphia. In order to effect rapid resolution of public space challenges and create a culture of cross-communication among all participating agencies, the Collaborative meets bimonthly to share information, discuss common issues and learn about specific efforts underway that reinforce public safety and the appearance of downtown.