A Clean & Safe Downtown, Every Day

Center City District is a business improvement district that was started in 1991. Then as now, our primary mission is to keep Philadelphia’s downtown, known as Center City, clean, safe, beautiful and fun! Most visible are our teams in teal, made up of Community Service Representatives and cleaners, and our Safety Patrol bicycle teams who stand out in yellow jackets. Here are the top 5 must-know facts about Center City District’s clean and safe efforts

1) We recently expanded our existing bicycle safety patrol efforts to add an evening shift covering 3 p.m. – 11 p.m. Our uniformed, unarmed patrol provides greater crime preventing visibility throughout the day and now even more during evening rush hour for office workers, visitors and residents in prime entertainment and dining areas within the district.


2) Did you know that Center City District cleaning crews are active seven days a week, every day of the year (except Christmas)? From manual pan-and-broom sidewalk sweeping to power-washing graffiti, our crews supplement the City of Philadelphia’s sanitation services year-round. We also provide fee-for-service cleaning in adjacent residential neighborhoods. Want to help make a difference? Consider joining the team!

3) If you’ve seen a friendly face wearing a teal uniform in Center City, then you’ve encountered a CCD Community Service Representative (CSR). A welcoming presence and an effective deterrent to crime, CSRs are trained to administer first aid, provide directions, radio police or offer outreach to unsheltered individuals. CCD trains two CSR classes annually, and we’re currently hiring. As CSR John Roberts (20 years on the job) says, “CSRs approach their jobs from a hospitality perspective with friendly dispositions, which encourages visitors and office workers to come back time and time again.”

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4) Our public safety mission extends to unsheltered individuals. Center City District funds and deploys innovative outreach efforts like the Ambassadors of Hope, a unique partnership with Project HOME and the Philadelphia Police with support from the City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health. The Ambassadors of Hope program is supported by the nonprofit Center City District Foundation. Interested in supporting this effort? Donate here.  

5) We’re here to support Center City. If you see a problem with banners, first-floor graffiti, unsheltered individuals in need of assistance, signage that seems like it’s in the wrong location, or trees and planters, you can contact us directly to report it. Most other issues should be directed to the City of Philadelphia’s 311 line. Use our boundary map to find out if the problem you plan to report is within Center City District boundaries.