2019 Fall Retail Storefront Photography by Matt Stanley


Retail Market Update

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As the volume of visitors and workers in Center City steadily increases, retail is recovering. Occupancy rates are rising and new establishments are opening.

In order to monitor recovery, Center City District conducts periodic surveys of ground floor businesses within its boundaries and quarterly surveys of an expanded Core Center City: Vine to South street, river to river. The most recent survey was conducted mid- February 2022 and focused on 1,900 storefronts within the Center City District boundaries. Core Center City, which includes the District, contains approximately 3,000 storefronts.

Immediately following the civil unrest in June 2020, CCD began its surveys. At that time, 34.3% of stores within the District were shuttered. Since then, the vast majority of those businesses have resumed operations, while a small percentage permanently closed. By February 2022, the percentage of businesses that were temporarily closed fell to just 2.4%. 

The Retail Market Update brief, featuring a map with locations of the new and upcoming business openings, can be downloaded here: Retail Market Update. 

For more details, including a map with locations of new and upcoming business openings, download the full brief at- Retail Market Update