Monitoring Philadelphia’s Economic Recovery

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There are at least two ways to view Philadelphia’s steady, but slow job recovery. Optimistically, by October 2021 Philadelphia held 91% of the jobs that existed in February 2020, having regained 56,800 jobs from a low point of just 626,800 in April 2020. Transit ridership and pedestrian volumes are up; new retailers are opening; major developments are topping out.

However,  Philadelphia is still 66,600 jobs below its February 2020 level, having recovered only 46% of the jobs lost from February to April 2020. By contrast, nationally, 82% of lost jobs were recovered, while the 11-county region has recovered 71% of its jobs. Why Philadelphia and other major northeast cities are lagging their regions and what can be done about it, is outlined in our December report.

For a narrative of trends, along with explanatory charts tracking the recovery, download the 12-page report at- Monitoring Philadelphia's Economic Recovery, December 2021.