Central Philadelphia Transportation Management Association

The Central Philadelphia Transportation Management Association (CPTMA) focuses on making travel within Center City efficient, reliable, pleasant and safe for commuters, residents and visitors. We promote transit use, work to improve conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists and combat traffic congestion.

Transit Signs

To make it easier to ride downtown buses, CPTMA installed simple, new route maps and information panels at bus stops along Chestnut, Walnut and Market streets and JFK Boulevard from 4th to 22nd streets. Each map identifies the bus route and shows major nearby destinations and connections, along with a historic photograph of a nearby street scene.

CPTMA, in partnership with regional transit service providers, has developed a new transit signage system to increase visibility of and access to Philadelphia’s multi-modal regional transit system. The new system, now more than 50% complete, clearly identifies Center City’s portals to the 3.2-mile underground transit concourse with an attractive, lit icon, and also includes new directional signs and concourse maps.

CPTMA is a non-profit organization formed in 2001, managed by the Central Philadelphia Development Corporation and the Center City District, and supported in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.