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Restaurant Week Presented by TD Bank

Participating Restaurants and Discounted Parking Locations in the most recent Restaurant Week

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During Center City District Restaurant Week, the Philadelphia Parking Association and Philadelphia Parking Authority offer parking at a deep discount of $9 or less at dozens of lots and garages all over Center City. All you have to do is present a voucher from a participating restaurant from 4:45pm-1am, during Restaurant Week. Participating parking facilities will be identified with a Center City District Restaurant Week poster at their entrance. Check the map above and the list below for participating facilities. Visit specific parking company’s Web sites for more information.

Locations marked with * are automated. Patrons need to take their parking ticket and voucher to the management office to receive the discount.

Parking West of Broad

E-Z Park - 15th & South Sts (on 15th btwn Naudain & South)
InterPark - 1728 Sansom St *
LAZ Parking - 1500 Market St (Centre Square) *
LAZ Parking - 1500 Locust St *
LAZ Parking - 1800 Market St *
LAZ Parking - 1815 Cherry St *
LAZ Parking - 201 S 18th St (Rittenhouse Claridge- entrance on Chancellor)
LAZ Parking - 2323 Race St
LAZ Parking - 1616 Chancellor St
Parkway Corporation - 23rd & Market Sts
Parkway Corporation - 15th & Spruce Sts *
Parkway Corporation - 1650 Chestnut St (on 17th btwn Market & Chestnut and on 16th btwn Market & Chestnut) *
Parkway Corporation - 200 S Broad St (Bellevue Garage) *
Parkway Corporation - 1701 Market St *
Patriot Parking - 2040 Market St

Parking East of Broad

E-Z Park - 912 Arch St
E-Z Park - 50 N 3rd St
LAZ Parking - 1327 Locust St *
LAZ Parking - 900 Walnut St *
LAZ Parking - 1111 Sansom St
LAZ Parking - 221 S 11th St *
LAZ Parking - 107 S 10th St *
Parkway Corporation - 601 Walnut St (Curtis Center Garage at 6th and Sansom)
Parkway Corporation - 805 Walnut St *
Parkway Corporation - 12th and Walnut Sts *
Parkway Corporation - 12th and Filbert Sts *
Patriot Parking - 510 S 8th St
Patriot Parking - 616 S 7th St
Patriot Parking - 218 Arch St (2nd & Arch Streets)
Patriot Parking - 101 Market St
Philadelphia Parking Authority - 10th & Ludlow Sts (Autopark at Jefferson) *
Philadelphia Parking Authority - 10th & Filbert Sts (Autopark at the Gallery) *
Philadelphia Parking Authority - 8th & Chestnut Sts
Philadelphia Parking Authority - 8th & Filbert Sts (Autopark) *
Philadelphia Parking Authority - 5th & Market Sts (Autopark at Independence Mall) *
Philadelphia Parking Authority - 2nd & Sansom Sts (Autopark at Old City) *

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