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CCD (Business Improvement District)

Center City Reports: Pathways to Job Growth
This report documents current employment trends and analyzes various options that can help Philadelphia achieve a goal of sustainable job growth including: capitalizing on the concentration of young, well-educated Millennials in and around the downtown; improving public education; nurturing the expansion of sole proprietors and start-up firms; and supporting the efforts of major universities to focus on the start-ups, patents, and new industries that are being spawned by their research and technological innovations. The report also highlights the over-arching importance of tax reform to all these efforts.
2014 | 16 pgs | Free | PDF (2.4 MB)

Age of Workforce: The charts below amplify pages 9 and 10 of the report. Center City has excelled in attracting 25-34 year olds, with 28.7% of the downtown population in that demographic. The following graphics show on a citywide basis, what percent of the workers by sector are under age 35.